Saturday, August 9, 2008

A few more pics

Got some pictures from my dad today, thought we would share a few.

Kev & Steph

Thursday, August 7, 2008


So other then wedding stuff we have been pretty busy. Kev isn't working right now so he is trying to find a place to move to in Seattle. He is also taking a online class which isn't much work but it is still annoying to have to do. Steph has been studying for her NCLEX test which is the test she needs to take to be an official RN. It is a lot of work for her. She studies for about 4-6 hours a day to prepare. Her test is Aug 25th hopefully it goes well. During her studies she always informs me about everything she has diagnosed her self with. Yesterday she had about 8 different types of cancer and I have laennec's cirrhosis from drinking too much.

Looking for a place in Seattle has been frustrating to say the least. We are trying to find a place that isn't a 500 unit apartment complex so the best place to look is craigslist. But while you are looking you hit refresh and about 30 new listings pop up every 20 minutes, its madness. And then when you find a place that sounds good you email about it and get no reply. So if anyone knows a place in Seattle to rent near the University of Washington and Seattle Children's Hospital, which is where steph got a job, let us know.....SOON!!

OK well back to work I suppose.


Kev and Steph


We got some new pictures of the wedding from Brent, (groomsmen), so I thought I would share them with everyone, cuz who doesn't love pictures???

After the ceremony getting ready for pictures

Haden (best man) slapping me outta it....I was "Freaking Out!!"

Here comes the bride....awww isn't she beautiful???

Brad (groomsmen/cousin) preparing the flower girls....awww aren't the cute?

Steph walking with her bridesmaids

Father Jack making sure Kev is ready

Getting excited!

Jump for joy!

Mom and Dad

Haden and Sarah (maid of honor)

Haden and Mark (groomsman)

Brad, lookin sexy

Us and Grandpa Clark

Haden looking like he could be sitting next to Capone

Good friends, Haden and Kelly (bridesmaid)

Bridesmaids staying warm, sorry Kelly had to do it!

From left to right: Sarah, Kim, April, Kelly

The reception site

Centerpiece flowers

Thats all for now, very glad Brent took these we love the candid shots! Still waiting on the official photos from the photographer, we will put them up when we get them.

Kev and Steph

Monday, August 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Yes, we finally made it home, sorry no posts for a while....too busy laying on the beach :) Note to all who read this, don't fly United and don't fly red eye! We got about an hour of sleep on the way home and sat on the runway for about the same.

We spent the second half of our moon at the Marriott on Kauai, it was fantastic! Don't get me wrong the place we at on Maui was extremely nice, but there is just something about housekeeping that makes a stay that much better. The hotel had a huge pool and an awesome beach so we spent a lot of our time there, working on our tans! The beach was in a bay so the water was real calm which was nice for Steph since she isn't the biggest fan of the ocean.

When we did venture away from the hotel it was mostly to other beaches which didn't quite measure up to the one at our hotel. Kev attempted to surf, there was a good place on the beach at the hotel. Lasted about an hour till he realized the necessity of a rash guard. One of the most fun days we spent at Kipu Falls. There was a rope swing and some cliffs to jump off of, lots-o-fun!!

Rope Swinging

Didn't go all out on the food here quite as much. There was a sushi bar at the hotel (go figure) so we ate that a couple of nights. Best meal by far was the pizza hut delivery!

Kev & Steph