Saturday, July 26, 2008

Food…Food…and More Food

It is official, we will never starve as long as we are in Hawaii. All we have been doing is eating! The food is so good!
Kevin relaxing with a full belly

Thanks to Joan and John for the gift certificate, we had the best dinner ever at Mama’s Fish House on the north shore of Maui. The food and open air atmosphere were amazing and we had one of the best tables in the place…ocean front. It was so nice to watch the sunset and the windsurfers while sipping on a $17 Mai Tai. We never thought we would ever spend that much on a Mai Tai but it was worth it. The food was even better…macadamia nut crusted mahi-mahi stuffed with crab and lobster, if that doesn’t sound good than we don’t know what is. Neither of us have had lobster before we went to Mama’s Fish House, we were missing out. We got dessert to go, chocolate pie/mousse of some sort, and we ate that for dinner the next night!

The view from our table at Mama's Fish House

We have also enjoyed fish tacos from little stands on the side of the road…best fish tacos ever with homemade pineapple salsa...yum! Apparently banana bread is a huge deal in Hawaii and everyone tries to out-do the next stand down the road by claiming theirs is the best on the island. We found some while driving to Hana at a little shack that sold banana bread and hotdogs…best banana bread we have ever had. There were people coming to this shack just to try the banana bread and eating a whole mini loaf in one sitting! (We should have bought a couple, it was sad when we ran out and didn’t have any more to go with our morning pot of coffee).

Last night we went to the Feast at Lele…it was definitely a feast. The meal included an appetizer, four huge meals (a Hawaiian meal, a meal from New Zealand, a meal from the Tahitian islands, and a meal from Samoa), plus dessert at the end in case you were still hungry. Also, you could have as many drinks as you wanted! Our favorites were the Mai Tai’s and Lava Flow (a pina colada with a swirl of banana and strawberry). In between the 3 hours of eating, we watched the show…the best part was at the very end when the Samoan fire knife dancers came out in their little shorts…haha…oh and their fire torches.

Fire knife dancers

All this talk about food is making us hungry!

Kev & Steph

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Aloha from beautiful Maui!!!

This is what we wake up to every morning!

The place where we are staying is unbelievable! The picture above is a view from one of four lanais (decks) on our house. We are staying in the Rainbow Honeymoon Cottage at Huelo Point Lookout. There are around 5 cottages on the property, all very secluded and tucked away in the jungle, but we definitely have the best view! We have a hot tub and a private outdoor shower on our back patio. The shower is so cool (and big), it is covered in blue glass tile with beautiful mosaics of turtles and fishies. There is another shower inside with similar tile and two shower heads but we have been showering outside everyday, it's the only way to go!!

The house itself is so fun! We have a mahogany spiral staircase that leads to the upstairs bedroom (more of a loft), it is really a piece of art. There are windows all around (with no curtains so we wake up with the sun) and tons of skylights. We do all of our cooking outside on one of the decks, next to one of many little ponds/waterfalls tucked away around our house. We have a private hammock and our own pet geckos! We have named a few of them (Gus is our favorite). Kev also likes catching all of the frogs at night! They are huge and really makes us feel like we are in a rain forest.

There are fruit trees growing all over the property...limes, papaya, coconut, bananas, and apple bananas. There is one particular papaya that we are waiting to get pick when its ripe, should be ready today.

This is what you use to pick the fruit that is out of reach.

Not only do we get fresh fruit but we also have fresh eggs. There is a chicken coop and we can go collect eggs in the morning (the owners are so nice). We save all our organic food waste and bury it in the compost pile...we feel like two little hippies staying here! :)

The first day we were here we picked some limes and made cocktails to bring to the pool, didn't realize it was only 10:30 in the morning, oh well we're on vacation! The limes were so good and smelled delicious, we have never had limes so fresh before.

Fresh limes with Absolute Mandarin vodka and 7-up...yum-oh!

Well off for our morning sun tan and hot tubbing. Life is rough!

Kev & Steph Clark

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Wedding

Our wedding day was perfect and even better than we imagined! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this day a special one! Kevin was a nervous wreck all day while Steph stayed calm but excited. Kevin definitely won for most tears (Christine, Kevin's sister, came in second).

Here is a picture of the happy couple!

Kevin & his dad on the dance floor! The sun never sets when you're cool!

Everyone had a good time! Especially Curtis..."I have never seen your dad not able to walk straight" (quote from Kevin's mom at the day after brunch).

Kev & Steph